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I, the Jury

When the man who saved his life in the War turns up the victim of a gruesome murder, private detective Mike Hammer is on the case and out for revenge, working his way through a sleazy, surreal New York full of shifty drug addicts, psychoanalysts, twisted rich people, and of course, nymphomaniacs. Mickey Spillane’s most enduring and angriest creation set the standard, for better or worse, for the style people think of today as the hardboiled detective novel.

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The Black Pirate

If The Black Pirate isn’t the biggest, most lavish of pirate adventures from the silent era, it’s only because the technical aspects of making it were so demanding. Still, the film leaves plenty of room for Douglas Fairbanks to pose atop rigging, laugh a manly laugh while standing with arms akimbo, and pull off a parade of signature stunts and derring-do.

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The Man from UNCLE

In 2015, Guy Ritchie decided to direct a slick, stylish remake of the old Man from UNCLE television show. It bombed at the box office, but that’s not a reflection of it’s quality. Telling the story of how American Napoleon Solo and Soviet Illya Kuryakin came to be a team, the film is a good-humored, candy-colored celebration of 1960s pop art, mod fashion, and spy style.

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