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Island of Death

Decades after it was released, Island of Death still has the power to shock and entertain in a hilariously debased, grubby way. Twists are heaped upon perversions until the whole thing threatens to collapse into one giddily irredeemable pile of filth that happily violates any taboo of which it could think, and then finds a way to make it all weirder still.

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The Hourglass Sanatorium

Wojciech Has has no interest in making anything overt in The Hourglass Sanatorium, in explaining anything. He simply lets this surreal phantasmagoria parade across the screen as it might parade through a dream, unhinged from logic or reality, inviting us to interpret its weirdness without offering any one answer that is correct.

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Based on a story by Ukrainian-born writer Nikolai Gogol, Viy is the classic story of good-for-nothing monk Khoma, who commits a heinous crime and finds himself forced to atone for it by sitting vigil over a corpse that has no interest in staying dead.

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