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All the Colors of the Dark (OST)

Ennio Morricone is arguably the most important composer to work on giallo soundtracks, but if there’s one composer who deserves to emerge from that shadow and get the accolades he deserves, it’s Bruno Nicolai. It’s arguably Nicolai who earned the right to be crowned king of the giallo soundtrack. He wrote quite a few. Most of them are very good. Many of them are great. All the Colors of the Dark is the best.

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The Case of the Bloody Iris (OST)

It was common for Italian exploitation films to be graced with a soundtrack that was much better than the film surrounding it. Such is the case with Bruno Nicolai’s score for The Case of the Bloody Iris. Nicolai was a consummate professional and, by 1972, a seasoned veteran who knew how to take pride in his work even if it was composed in the service of a bad movie.

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