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Exotica Noir

For every Martin Denny , there were dozens of other, independent musicians plying their trade in exotica, often with strange, stunning, and downright spooky results. It is these musicians that Technicolor Paradise celebrates.

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The Man from UNCLE

In 2015, Guy Ritchie decided to direct a slick, stylish remake of the old Man from UNCLE television show. It bombed at the box office, but that’s not a reflection of it’s quality. Telling the story of how American Napoleon Solo and Soviet Illya Kuryakin came to be a team, the film is a good-humored, candy-colored celebration of 1960s pop art, mod fashion, and spy style.

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Forever and a Death

Donald E. Westlake, best known for his hard-hitting “Parker” series, was hired in the early 1990s to write a script for a James Bond film to follow up Goldeneye. One thing led to another, and his script was not used, but Westlake took it and turned it into a novel. It was never published…until Hard Case Crime got their hands on the manuscript in 2017.

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