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Death Walks On High Heels

Few giallo directors were as adept at melding the sundry fetishes that defined the movement as Luciano Ercoli. Nudity, violence, cabaret numbers, quirky camera work, exquisite living rooms, and flash clothing all hit their crescendo under the steady guidance of a man who seems to treat every film as a fashion shoot.

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Slaughter Hotel

Slaughter Hotel is Di Leo’s only giallo, but not his only sex film. And make no mistake about it: despite the title and the poster art, Slaughter Hotel is a sex film. In its final few minutes, Slaughter Hotel decides to be a murder thriller, but that last-minute shift in tone is an afterthought.

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The Bloodstained Butterfly

Duccio Tessari’s The Bloodstained Butterfly is a cross between giallo and poliziotteschi, as cops and lawyers struggle to unravel a typically Byzantine murder case. Although it boasts the elaborate murders and cast of red herrings one expects from the genre, it also surprises by spending at least as much time on police procedure, forensic science, and courtroom maneuvering.

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