Slaughter Hotel

Working in the tough-as-nails poliziotteschi genre that sprung into action in the early 1970s, Fernando Di Leo directed several very good films and at least one great film, possibly more. He cut his teeth during the 1960s as a screenwriter, collaborating with a team of scripters — as was common for Italian films — onContinue reading “Slaughter Hotel”

Death Walks on High Heels

Few directors who plied their trade in the torrid world of the giallo were as adept as Luciano Ercoli at melding the sundry fetishes that defined the movement. Nudity, violence, overly elaborate striptease numbers, quirky camera work, exquisite living rooms, and dazzling outfits all hit their crescendo under the steady guidance of a man whoContinue reading “Death Walks on High Heels”