Tales of Booooozy Tales


Half a decade…and more…of haunted bars, creepy cocktails, and spooky spirits

Beginning in October, 2013, and continuing for five years, I wrote an annual article for Alcohol Professor about the devilish intersection of spirits and spirits. The series began with a tour of some of New York’s most famous haunted bars. And from there it expanded every year, here covering a different city, there taking on an entirely different format to pay tribute to classic tales of the terror and the alcohol and cocktails that either appear in them, were inspired by them, or just go well with them. And so, I present for your reading enjoyment, half a decade of…Booooozy Tales!

“I could not resist the temptation of mystifying him a bit, I suppose it is some taste of the original apple that remains still in our mouths.”

— Bram Stoker

Boo-oozy Tales of Monsters

The world is a dangerous place full of fantastic, deadly creatures lurking in the shadows, waiting to eat your liver or drink your organs. This year, Boo-oozy Tales pays tribute to some of the most chilling creatures from international folklore and, of course, pairs them with a fitting libation.

white horse tavern
Booooozy Tales of Spirited New York
Touring Some of New York’s Most Famous Haunted Bars
Son of Booooozy Tales
Haunted Bars Go International
Bride of Booooozy Tales
Dead in Dublin
Night of the Booooozy Tales
Drinks Inspired By Classic Chillers
Booooozy Tales of a Traveller
A Spirited Trail Through Washington Irving Territory