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The Adventures of Indiana Jones in Print

In 1989, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade hit movie screens, wrapping up — or so we thought — one of the most exciting movie trilogies of the 1980s. But, of course, if money is still there to be made, someone’s going to want to make it. Or, less cynically, if someone still enthusiastic about a series, then they’re going to try to get more stories out of it. In 1992, the first episode of the television series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles debuted, and while the series did not last long, it still generated a reasonable core of fans who thrilled to the globetrotting exploits of a teenage Indiana Jones. Sandwiched in between the last movie and the first episode, however, was Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi, a novel set in the 1920s and written by Rob MacGregor, the man who had penned the novelization of Last Crusade.

Other authors would follow MacGregor’s six books, and Lucas Film would eventually lighten up on the “no characters from the movies” rule, at least enough to allow Indy’s trusted sidekick, Sallah, as well as nemeses Lao Che and Rene Belloq to pop up. A dozen books would be written between 1991 and 1999, with a thirteenth released to capitalize on the release of the belated fourth film, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

So coil up your whip, saddle up a trusty steed, and get ready to explore the world of Indiana Jones in print.

“Indiana Jones. I always knew someday you’d come walking back through my door. I never doubted that. Something made it inevitable.”

Marion Ravenwood

Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants
Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils
Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge
Indiana Jones and the Unicorn’s Legacy
Indiana Jones and the Interior World
Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates
Indiana Jones and the White Witch
Indiana Jones and the Philosopher’s Stone
Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs
Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth
Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx