Deep Red Cuts


Early, obscure, forgotten, maligned, or just plain sleazy giallo

Defining giallo is a bit like defining “film noir.” Ask ten people, and you’ll get ten answers that have some overlap, some unique aspects, and some contradictions. Is it a genre? A style? An attitude? All of the above? Derived from a series of Italian pulp novels with yellow covers, giallo movies started, more or less, with Mario Bava’s The Girl Who Knew Too Much (1963). Slick, stylish, sexy — often a little tasteless, often a bit on the violent side.

Deep Red Cuts is dedicated to exploring this fluid, flamboyant genre. We’ll be touching on some of the most important films, but the focus here is really going to be on the more obscure back alleys: the forgotten, the tasteless, the bizarre. Sometimes all of those things. New reviews will be added as they’re posted, so don your black raincoat and gloves and check back often.

“I can feel death in this room! I feel a presence, a twisted mind sending me thoughts! Perverted, murderous thoughts! Go away! You have killed! And you will kill again!”