Cultural Gutter: Gods in Wigs

Over on the Cultural Gutter, I’m writing about the loony West German-French-Soviet sci-fi epic, Hard to Be a God.

In November of 1989, The Berlin Wall — the second-most potent symbol of the Cold War after Ivan Drago — became a speed bump as the physical, social, and political barriers separating West and East Germany collapsed. Before the dust had settled, before anyone even really knew what the future held in store, a group of filmmakers from France teamed up with a group of filmmakers from West Germany and the Soviet Union — two countries that wouldn’t even exist by the time their work was finished — to make an ambitious, batty, corny sci-fi fantasy film called Es ist nicht leicht ein Gott zu sein, (Hard to be a God), that ended up being a telling reflection of the upheaval and anxiety that permeated the final days of the 1980s.

Full article: “Gods in Wigs

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